Perform You Think the Lightsaber Is Ineffective in Diablo 2? Feel Yet again – It Will bte A single Regarding The Most Flexible

Lightsabre is a unique Indestructible Stage Blade Sword. Its standout attribute is that it is an exceptionally quickly weapon, even without any IAS bonus from other gear. It has a range of mods that make it a functional weapon.

1H Hurt: (87-103) to (117-135)

Bare minimum Strength: 25

Minimum Dexterity: 136

Longevity: Indestructible

Amount Need: 58

+a hundred and fifty-200% Increased Hurt (varies)

Adds ten-30 Hurt

Provides 60 to one hundred twenty Magic Harm

Provides 1-200 Lightning Harm

5-seven% Mana Stolen per Hit (varies)

5% Chance to Solid Amount fourteen-twenty Chain Lightning on Assault (differs)

20% Enhanced Attack Speed

Disregard Target’s Defense

Lightning Take up twenty five%

+7 to Light Radius

+a hundred and fifty-two hundred% Enhanced Damage (varies)

Adds 10-thirty Injury

Adds 60 to one hundred twenty Magic Damage

Provides one-200 Lightning Harm

For a one-handed special Sword, Lightsabre does a first rate sum of harm. It does Magic and Lightning hurt as effectively. Although there are some creatures that are immune to Lightning hurt, there is only one creature in the whole recreation that is immune to Magic damage. Coupled with its amazingly rapidly speed, Lightsabre, like its sister sword Azurewrath, can make for a extremely practical weapon selection.

five-seven% Mana Stolen for every Hit (may differ)

Great for melee characters who use Abilities that drain a lot of Mana.

five% Possibility to Forged Amount 14-twenty Chain Lightning on Attack (may differ)

Chain Lightning is a Lightning Spell from the Sorceress’ Lightning Spell Talent Tree. It casts a lightning bolt that arcs via the Sorceress’ foes, jumping from one particular goal to the following right up until it dissipates.

A Stage 20 Chain Lightning Spell can do 1-281 details of Lightning injury and hit up to nine targets.

With this sort of a quick weapon pace, Lightsabre will set off Chain Lightning a few more times than the lowly 5% on the mod would show.

20% Improved Assault Velocity

Lightsabre is already a quickly weapon, but this twenty% IAS is icing on the cake. Equip a few more products on your character that grants IAS, and you will see Lightsabre breaking the greatest IAS breakpoint with out any difficulty.

Dismiss Target’s Protection

Ignore Target’s Defense doesn’t imply you can now effective strike targets with every a single of your try, but it positive helps make successfully hitting your enemies a complete great deal less difficult.

This capability isn’t going to work on Champions, Uniques, Bosses or Gamers.

Lightning Take up 25%

Lightsabre provides outstanding Lightning Absorb. If you have max or around max Lightning Resistance, and you have Lightning Take up as effectively, not only would you shrug off most of the Lightning injury you acquire, but you would recover a modest amount of strike factors as nicely.

+seven to Mild Radius

This is a quite huge enhance to your Light-weight Radius, but it is close to useless for melee or caster people and marginally useful at very best for bow making use of Amazons.


Lightsabre might not be the weapon that offers the most harm in the sport (those are inclined to belong weapon Runewords), but it is a extremely feasible endgame option. Barbarians who make use of the Frenzy skill discover Lightsabre a very good offhand weapon to use owing to its normally fast speed.

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