Top 3 Myths about the Recruiting Industry

Once or twice, you have had that nice call of a recruiter who found your profile over LinkedIn and asking you if you could spare some of your time to discuss with him the idea of working for a top leading manufacturing company in the US. For many of us, these kind of calls can make you skip the morning coffee trying to figure out how possible this work and probably take you from unemployed to employed category of folks out there.

Other cases, the recruiting targets don’t do the direct calls. Other people have also made their resume looked into hundred times and posted in LinkedIn waiting for email calling for interviews. With all these happening, there are myths you should know about the recruiting industry and prepare to face reality if you are looking for your dream job. Here are samples of top 3 myths around the recruiting industry.

Not all hiring urgencies stop hiring during economic recession

When the economy is experiencing recession, a lot of companies tend to low their hiring number and what they think last is bringing a new member of stuff into the team. With this, many people out there will think that many recruiters are in complete panic and not doing their work anymore because of the economy bad state. This is not the reality. Most companies will still consider their internal recruiters and normally consider their engagement in bringing new taken into the market and this is the right time you can try your luck!

Most Recruiters add extra cost to the whole hiring process

When you have gone through this whole process, you can possible ask any HR managers about the tuff situations hiring is associated. Recruiters are sometimes faced with critical times during the whole hiring process. For instance, hiring in technical fields needs a person who understands all the skill sets of in that area, able to understand the background experience and find a candidate who can fill the position and meet standards. All these can seem a lot to be handled by recruiters but the whole thing doesn’t work that way, with recruiting urgency the whole process goes smooth without you asked to spend more. The services of recruitment agency bangkok can be your saver and help you land in the best job of your dreams.

Recruiting industry has many pros

You should perfectly know that recruiting is a sales job. When the recruiter is working on a recruitment subcontracting work, they are working to help the company get a matching skill set. And if the recruiter is working for a charge after work, they maybe connecting a total genius candidate to multiple companies, therefore everything weighs up.

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